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Sunday, November 21, 2010

There are no accidents

So i have been watching +addicted to Kung Fu Panda..and this is probrably the %$#@%...time i have watch it....I love it so much that i picked up quotes and sayings from the movie everytime i watched it and remembered it. It makes me more happier everytime i watch it...Can't believe how a cartoon can influence me that much :D haha
Today is freezing cold in SF, after taking Oreo for a park for 15 minutes. I just ran home to do my homework and hide myself in the blanket. i wish there is no school tmr :(
Oreo just got his Polo Ralph Lauren in Pink ....:D He looks handsome + stylish and i just got something else for him...which is coming next week :D

- p/s:The title is from a quote from Kung Fu Panda too :D

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  1. Hi! Remember me from chictopia? Following you now. Anyway, how did you make these photo strips? What program did you use, I love them! :)