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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Groomy Saturday

Groomy Saturday. Raining like crazy in San francisco. Its a perfect day to stay home and finish all my projects before thanksgiving next week.
I spent 4 hours browsing stuff on the internet, and watching Criminal minds., Without the trace...etc...all these exciting shows...I didn't get any work done yet T.T
So here's what i found on the internet, that i personally love and wish to own them !


Bottega Veneta

Derek Lam ( my fav )

Lanvin ( the colors are amazing )

Balmain ( wish i can own a jacket from them )
Also Emma Watson new hair. On Marie Clair..Love it or not? I

Finally...i overslept last night so i didn't line up for Lanvin T.T. I am still dreaming for the skirt...so get back to me if you don't want them ^^.

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