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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Part of my life.

I have to say that i have a big obsession in glasses, from sunglasses to optical ones. However, to make room for new purchases( which i already did and will be arriving in the mail soon ) i'm selling part of my collection on some pieces that i did not use that much. They are all in pretty good condition and all the sunglasses come with their boxes.

( Vintage Glasses - 20$)

(Scholar round glasses by the Cobra Shop $15)

( Ray Ban Wayfarer Glasses- $ 95)

(Chloe in Navy - $ 160)

( Chanel round shape glasses- $ 230)


  1. I've got a passion for sunglasses too! The Chanel's round glasses are so fabulous, wish I had them too! x

  2. Wow We loveeeee it! It's a great collection you have:)!

    H&C from Amsterdam