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Thursday, December 2, 2010

December love

Photographer of the day - which usually takes photos for me that makes my legs shorter and my face bigger :D

Time flys ! :D Right now its almost the end of the year.....Time for finals, project which makes me more tired and tired these days. Today i woke up at 7 with my bf and took the muni to downtown to take pictures of people in SF. It was fun but tired and also freezing cold. I wore five layers inside me but i was still freezing. May be its time for more shopping ?:D haha just kidding.
Hope you guys are doing good with your final and keep yourself warm if you are in SF
P/S : It took my 5 mins to get ready because my BF was rushing me so please ignore my hair and my face. I can't stand looking at it....i look horrible :D
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  1. thanks em gai...tu 7h sang nen trong bu` xu`

  2. Thank you! Yes i am, You are too?:D

  3. i love the pics, like the outfit! : ) x

  4. I love that leopard print scarf! :)
    great post hun!
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  5. Yes, my family comes from Vietnam but my parents taught me Cantonese..everyone in my family knows Viet though. LOL :(

  6. ban du hoc hay song o Mi?